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SEO Today and How Ranking Effects Web Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process utilizing keywords and search phrases to influence listing results or "ranking" in search engines to get your site found by people searching. When your website is complete and published, you do not automatically get traffic, the site must be optimized so that you have a chance to come up ahead of competitors and other websites listed in top "organic" or non-paid search results.  You may ask, "well I want to come up first, how do I do that?"


This is not a one line, simple answer, there are many factors that determine site ranking. These on-site factors, used to be based on things like link popularity, meta tags and keyword density, but today's algorithms have been changed and improved enough to recognize quality and relevant content as part of the ranking process. Not only that, but Google now has been making requirements within your actual site code to be considered relevant, so just putting in meta tags and keywords like the old school way is no longer going to get you on page one of Google.

There are now so many companies making SEO offers and claims, the only way to determine which ones are actually getting their clients results is to do the test searches yourself. By this, we mean going into Google and testing keyword searches that are relevant to finding a site and seeing what the claimed results actually are. The ranking can also change, so the value of SEO can be only as good as it is in the current site crawl results which could change in 30 days or less.


So Optimization is a factor, but certainly not the only success formula to drive traffic to your site from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. However, if you have a website built for you or self-publish, you will probably not get very good visibility if you leave your home page title as just "home." Your website's code or home page title should not be just your company name without keywords, simply because only the people who know that name will search that way, you need keyword phrases that trigger results. Today, Social Media is also a major factor to drive site traffic, everything from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to Linkedin can play a role.

FreedomProMedia offers SEO services for existing sites and for websites we created. Monitoring search results is part of the process, so we offer quarterly reports to show your site ranking and we tweak your content and code to maintain the best possible position. Best of all, we are not based over seas and we do not charge a huge fee to get you results.

Google Ads


PPC Marketing (Pay-Per-Click Ads)

Formerly "Google Adwords, Google now offers a"pay-Per-Click" website promotion service through paid advertising. You will notice within your Google searches that some sites will come up first and say the word "Ad" in them. These results are coming up top because companies that opt in to use Google Ads have set a daily budget and are targeting keyword phrases to come up first.


Google charges their credit cards on a monthly basis to use a daily budget to display text or image ads within their search engine or partner sites if specified.

It is suggetsed that when you first launch a new  website that you invest in balance of organic and PPC (Pay Per-click) programs to get instant web traffic from the paid results and longer term traffic from the organic results.

Tracking results is built into the software at Google ads, you can set goals, conversion rates, cost per click and geographic targeting to name a few features. maintaining a Google Ads account is time-consuming since you are going against competitors and need to constantly make adjustments for best results. It can be quite expensive as well, but you can control the budget and also stop ads from showing (and thus stop them from billing you) at the click of a button.

FreedomProMedia sets up, maintains and works with Google Ads and has worked with Google Adwords for years. The downside is that the Google Adswords customer service is outsourced to foreign countries and often the customer service agents do not speak the best English. This is why our customers let us handle this time-consuming and very detailed process. The positive side to using this program is that the potential for new business, sales leads and an increase in calls and emails is bound to help your business if done correctly.

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