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Voiceover and Audio Production Services

Whether you are using YouTube for infomercials or providing any type  audio or video presentation for your audience, we can assist.

Bobby Freedom is a graduate of Northeast Broadcasting School in Boston, MA where he studied recording arts. This training in digital multitrack recording has helped both his music and radio careers.

You might have the best videos online or ads with images, but without sound, there is no magic. This is where we come in. We have done sound for large companies including Boston's MBTA and Sig Sauer weapons manufacturer where we recorded all the audio for one of their national television commercials on site.

What Can We Provide?

• Audio for video

• Radio Commercials

• Podcast Production
• Jingles and Intro Music

• Narration for Books on Tape

• Voiceover for Online Ads

• Web Audio
• Royalty-Free and Original Music Beds

• Original Movie Score Music Tracks

• On the Hold Voice Ads

• Complete On-Site Video Ads with Hi Def Resolution

2016:WE Recorded the Raw Audio For Sig Sauer Training Facility

Example of Video Ad We Produced:

Voiceover Example with Jingle

Keene Engineering - Bobby Freedom
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