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Podcast/Internet Radio Consulting

Having your own broadcast whether it be daily or weekly is a great way to reach a potential audience of thousands. Depending on the popularity of your show subject matter, you can reach a lot of loyal listeners.  We can help you  put together a production/broadcast studio using simple audio mixers, microphones and computers along with software which will broadcast both live and recorded versions of your show.

We have been using Internet radio for a few years now and prior to that did some conventional AM Radio shows in the 1990's.

Our consulting services for internet radio allow you to set up a broadcast in your own office/cubicle or even at your home, the location of your studio doesn't matter as long as you have a good broadband connection.

If you are local we will come to your office in either NH ,Maine or Mass. After initial consultation and establishing your goals, I will  help you with all aspects of getting equipment, installing software, explaining how to produce and promote your show, all for one reasonable fee. Additionally, we can work remotely with out of state companies to help them launch a broadcast and set up their studios using todays' online tools such as Zoom, Dropbox and Skype for example.

Building Your Audience

There are many different internet radio stations out there and there are many software options to build a station. The way we choose to build are audience is by broadcasting directly to Social Media and our website live through online streaming players. After our live show gets recorded , we create what's called an RSS feed which alllows us to submit to iTunes and other podcast aggregators to increase our listenership. Then we entice our listeners to subscribe to our podcast across multiple online players such as Mixcloud, Mixler, Stitcher and others. Many of these providers have an App version of their players to allow smartphone users to subscribe, stream or download your show.





Key Benefits to Having an Internet Radio Show/Podcast

• Creates a way to reach new customers

• Your Service or Product Gets Constantly Promoted 

• Get an edge over your competitors

• Creates new revenue stream through vendors ads

• Build a following through social media, email marketing

• Make Direct offers Through Live Mentions

• Convert Listeners into Customers

• Low Annual Cost Compared to Conventional Advertising

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