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Onsite Training, Mac Tutoring (NH/MA)

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With over 24 years of Mac experience, Bob provides one-on-one training for Mac users at their location, to improve their Apple skills or learn how to use apps on the Mac. Bob is committed to providing effective training, onsite, for you and your colleagues. If there is something beyond his capabilities, he will make the call to his Certified Mac Developer team for advise on site and attempt to fix any issues you may have with your Mac.


With FreedomCreative training, you can increase your proficiency with apps or get assistance with the following:

  •    Mac App installations, MacbookPro memory upgrades

  •    iPad, iPod, iPhone, iCloud set up, synching and tutorial

  •    Mac OS X System  Upgrades, Troubleshooting

  •    PhotoShop, Wix Web Design and LogicPro mini-courses

  •    Apple iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes & Pages

  •    Apple built-in applications: iCal, Mail, Address Book

  •    Network and Printer Installations

Web Design Services

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Since 1998, we have been designing and publishing business websites for clients, including e-commerce/online stores. Many clients in several industries have enjoyed tremendous return on investment and have also hired us for online marketing and SEO services. It doesn't stop there, we create online advertising packages to promote their sites and also do the maintenance. Our websites are always Mobile Friendly, since today's users are on the web via smartphone more than desktop. We also provide support and training for our e-commerce clients who want to use a Content Management System (CMS) to maintain inventory and sell items online.

Online Marketing/SEO PPC and Social Media

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When your website is complete and published, it's time to get web traffic. We do this by optimizing your site for Google and top search engines using our SEO techniques. Additionally, we create and maintain Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns using Google Ads and also offer strategies using today's Social Media to drive traffic to your site. These include Instagram Feeds, Twitter, Facebook like and share buttons, Facebook Pages and Groups, Pinterest, LinkedIn & others.

Corporate Audio/Jingles and Voicovers

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With over a decade of radio production experience and musical capabilities, we can produce a theme song for your business, which you will have exclusive rights to use. We can include a professional broadcast-quality radio commercial along with your jingle with professional voiceover with your message to customers. We provide both a CD version as well as mp3 format for distribution. You can use your audio for marketing on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Ads, Soundcloud or on any commercial radio or TV campaign.

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Podcasting and internet radio is a very effective way to reach a targeted audience with your product or service.
We can help you to build your own internet radio station right in your office. The potential reach of potential customers can be huge, while you build your station and followers. We will provide everything you need to get up and running and in some cases, will come to your business to assist you in the setup of equipment and software. We have all inclusive packages available for corporations, LLC's and small business proprietors that want to run their own promotions through online radio.

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Farmington, NH

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