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Corporate Audio/Jingles

Why Does My Company Need a Jingle?

Your brand awareness plays a major factor in your company's success.  By having a theme song or jingle, it allows your customer base and new business to be reminded of your company. Major corporations realize this and use theme songs in their commercials, we do too. We are equipped with multi-track recording capabilities and have been writing and producing company jingles/corporate audio for over five years now.


How Does the Process work?

We produce your company theme song using professional audio recording gear. You can listen to examples on this page. Once people start singing along, you know you've got them.  We will start by asking you what type of music you would like to represent your company, such as the music genre, there are many styles to choose from.  Once we have your information and an idea of what you are looking for we will write your song and record up to three renditions, running :30-:60 seconds.  You will then approve one of the demos and we will then produce the song. Delivery options include CD format, Mp3 or .Wav files. Once your purchase your jingle from us, you own exclusive  broadcast rights to that song and are free to use it on any platform that is allowed. We file a copy of your license for the music if any of the production comes from Nashville studios via Royalty-Free Music.

Where Can I use my Theme Song for Marketing?
Once you own the exclusive rights to your original theme song, it's time to use it in an ad campaign. Here are just a few places you can combine your jingle with advertising :
• Cable TV, AM/FM Radio, /Major Networks
• Internet Radio & Podcasting Commercials
• YouTube for Video Marketing
• Facebook Ads
• Google Ads
• Vimeo for video Marketing
• SoundCloud, Mixcloud
• Ringtone Distrubution
• Slideshow Presenations
• Trade Show Booths
• Share Via DropBox
• Periscope/ Social Apps



Let's Get the Word Out, with Music

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