Mac Computer and Applications Tutoring/Onsite Consulting

Macs are not just for graphics anymore...

These days, Mac users are a much bigger group than say back in the 90's. Originally known as the group of computer users "good for graphics" MacIntosh Computers are now more common in the workplace and since the introduction of the Apple Stores, Solid State Hard Drives and exploding technology, there are a lot more people using them than just graphic designers. Many industries rely on Apple Computers and since they are based on the Unix kernel, they last many years.

Let's face it, there are many resources to learn Macs and compatible Apps such as watching Youtube for tips, and other Internet-based information hubs. However, your computer only comes with "basic instructions" what if you want to learn PhotoShop from Adobeand have have no idea where to start?

That's where we come in. You get one-on-one complete instruction for this and many other programs. 

• Macintosh Operation Basics
-All the keyboard shortcuts, maintenance of the computer, common troubleshooting, app installs, iCloud integration, setting up an Apple ID, and basically how to use a Mac.

ª iMovie-
walking you through the process of creating a short video including  gathering media, adding titles, editing and adding sound/music. then outputting for the web or as a file to play onscreen.

• Pages App-
This should come pre-installed on the computer. We will cover the basics, creating multi-page documents and exporting to PDF or using Pages on an iPad. Formatting documents and  word processing basics included.

• Photoshop-
All the basics and what the tools do. We will resize images and work with all different graphic formats for web and print. 

• Wix Web Design- From Start to finish, we will build a free website together and publish it online. Then we will discuss domain namer, hosting upgrades and you will learn exactly what you need to produce a business website.

• Podcasting-Internet Radio Production  details are here

ª Logic Pro Audio Recording
(mixing board required prior to start)
in order to get the basics of multitrack recording, it's best to have a mixer and some inputs such as instruments or at least a large diaphram microphone to begin music production. We will not teach this without the additional hardware needed to interface with the board and the computer.

Other Programs and Apps- 
Not every single program out there is covered, for instance, we do not teach Excel or any Numbers programs. 
We do however, help you to set up your Mac to be productive.

You may not want to purchase expensive software such as Microsoft
 Office, yet you might have to open documents that are only Word compatible or you may need to open an Excel Spread sheet. We can help you install free Open Source software Programs to allow you to work with certain files that were previously only to be used on the Windows Platform.

What Apps, Programs and Platforms Do We Teach?
Are You new to Mac and need Assistance?
Let's Look at the Possibility of Scheduling a Visit to Your Office to Assist You with Your Mac itself or the Applications you want to learn...
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