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Business Web Design

Times have changed, it's a digital, mobile world...

It's amazing how many mom and pop businesses rely on a son/daughter or relative to do their webmaster work. While this may save them a few bucks, many business owners don't realize that their website still looks like one published in the late 1990's and they wonder why they never get any business online.

As our technologies change, you must adapt along with them in order to have a successful online marketing campaign and a website worthy of representing your company in the best way. Your return on investment is a must, this can only be achieved with top results such as lead generation, sales and marketing. Your website becomes a business tool, don't leave it in "yesteryear" like those walking around with flip phones.

At FreedomProMedia,  we have kept up with these evolving platforms, tools and apps which can be used to your advantage and to get your message out. What separates us from other web design/media companies is our ability to create affordable marketing campaigns with an emphasis on being personable, easy to reach and easy to work with.
To get the level of services we provide and the creative processes we use, it would normally require contacting a large advertising agency and the budget would need to be $5k plus to do what we do for a fraction of that.

Key Benefits to Having a Company Website

Having a website in today’s ever-evolving online world is a must- particularly for small businesses selling products and services. If you plan on selling to or servicing a lot of customers,  you need an online presence to give your clients instant information.  Without a website, your potential clients won't see the credibility if they check you out online.  If you have a home-made looking, unprofessional website, some of your potential customers will simply move on to a company with a better presentation.

Is Your current website outdated?
Maybe you created a website 10 years ago, is that going to cut it in today's world?  Many websites were created quite some time ago, some even using Adobe Flash (Once called Macromedia Flash) These types of websites are no longer viable in today's mobile-friendly platforms. It may be time for a re-design, we can help.

Why Have a Website?

• Builds Creditability

• Assists in Sales & Marketing

• Improves Customer Service

• Targets Larger Markets

• Showcases Your Work

• Increases Customer Interaction

• Brand Awareness

• e-commerce, Sell Online

• Increases Revenue

• Like Having a Digital "Brochure"

• Mobility, Your Office on-the-go

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