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Company History: Evolving with Technology

Back in 1998 while the web was young, we established a small company called "SiteFactor Web Services" we were then based in Massachusetts and created our first online stores and business websites for both local clients as well as some far away. In 2010, a German company purchased our domain name, but we continued serving our clients for many years after.

SiteFactor spent many years in specializing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) way before Social Media came on the scene. Many clients who had existing web sites came to us for top ranking in search engines which helped boost their web traffic and sales, getting them top Google organic

search results for the best search phrases.

Prior to the concept of Freedom Creative Media, Bobby Freedom the founder of SiteFactor became a web developer, a coder and worked with software which enabled his company to provide robust websites,  eventually evolving from HTML static sites to larger, database-driven dynamic websites he developed across many platforms. Having learned Javascript, PHP and other programming languages, we would much rather carry on about the magic they create, rather than listing every piece of software or coding we've studied or used. Freedom Creative Media was formed as an all-around marketing company, rather than just limited to web design, since we produce internet radio/podcasts, videos, image ads and more.

Bob has been a Photoshop user for over twenty years and has been to Adobe Seminars to sharpen his skills in graphics. From image resizing to layers and color schemes, when you work with us, you will have the images that pop when you need them. Custom graphics are included with all of our web design packages.

In today's world where self-publishing has become a standard, Bob helps businesses establish a web presence as well as providing many other creative services. As Wix developers, we can walk you through the process to the point where your website editing and changes can be done in-house if you choose to do so.End users will find your site to be mobile friendly as we do utilize a separate editor for this. E-commerce is part of what we do.

>Podcasting and Internet Radio:
Bobby was recently a talk show host on a weekly broadcast talk radio show called "GoldRadioShow.". It is an internet radio/podcast found on iTunes and other platforms. He has been in broadcasting since 1993 when he had an AM Radio talk show called "Greenscapes" which was a gardening talk show. Internet radio and podcasting have become popular over the years and are great marketing tools for advertising and promotions. Building an audience takes time, but once a show becomes syndicated by the use of RSS feeds, (iTunes,Spotify and more) and social media sharing of the recorded podcast, the listener base can grow to potentially thousands of people.

>Your Own Internet RadioShow: Bobby provides consulting for companies that want to promote their products or services using Internet Radio. He can set up an internet radio station for any company that has a broadband internet connection and is willing to purchase the equipment. There is hardware and software to purchase, but all inclusive packages are available.


>Consulting and Tutoring for Companies or Individuals

As a Mac user for over 24 years, Bob has knowledge to help new businesses, individuals and corporations with Mac Applications, memory upgrades, mini courses in Photoshop, Logic Pro, iMovie and other apps you might need assistance with.(no spreadsheet programs) He travels to North Shore of Mass, Most of NH and will give you a custom quote and hourly rate, often running specials.

Bob Kerr (Freedom) Founder
of FreedomCreativeMedia


Creative Team:

Many of our projects are created from start to finish without any assistance of a third party. However, Bobby has a team of professionals he consults with including certified Mac developers and graphics experts he can collaborate with to complete larger projects in a timely manner.

Bobby can meet with you in the NH/Maine or Mass areas to discuss your online marketing needs or provide one on one consulting.

Charlotte web design

Wix is our preferred platform for web stores and web site developement, although we can work with many others  such as Big Commerce, SquareSpace, Amazon Store and other e-commerce solutions.

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